Tea is a pretty popular beverage both in Russia and in the USA. BUT! The main difference here is … the temperature of it. When in USA people like it COLD and with lots of ice of course Russian people don't drink cold tea at all. They like to drink it very HOT!

They invite their friends to have a cup of tea and can spend the whole evening drinking it with different sweet goodies, while having some sweet and warm conversations. If someone catches cold in Russia – hot tea would be one of the main treatments for the person to get better quickly! Cold tea with ice? They think that the cold can get worse from it. Russians believe that the hot tea is very good for your health and for healthy friendships!

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Today we will talk about salads! Americans and Russians love salads! But their salads are very-very-very different :) Although part of their recipes can sound pretty much alike: take all the veggies that you have in your refrigerator, chop them and mix them!

But here's how the differences sound:

- In America you take fresh veggies and chop them right away – in Russia you need to cook them first;

- In America you would definitely add a lot of greens, lettuce for instance – in Russia not necessarly, may be a little, just to add a special flavor;

- In America you would pour some salad dressing on your salad – in Russia in most of the cases you would add a lot of mayonnaise!

And the last interesting difference is that while Americans can eat their salads on a daily basis, Russians prefer to prepare theirs for special occasions! And may be because of that there is one very special ingredient to any Russian Salad – they say that they put their … SOUL into them :)

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Today is the last day of Summer which means that tomorrow Autumn will start. Days will gradually become more and more cooler and shorter. And we will need to find new ways to keep our hearts, souls and bodies warm – this is why it is the right time for us to talk about Russian Favorite part of the dinner – The Soup, which can be even called in Russian as humbly as “Pervoe” - First Dish.

Although here in America people can have different soups, but they haven't became an essential part of the meal as they have in Russia. Russians do believe that soups help your digestive process, so people in Russia would eat their soup almost everyday! Russian soups are not thick & creamy, they are liquid instead and can be made of a variety of delicious things – chicken soup, fish soup, cabbage soup – you name it! And the most popular of them is a beet soup - “Borscht”.

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Today we want you to experience Russian type of American's Ravioli – an “ear-shaped” dish called Pelmeni. Since it is very easy to cook it becomes one of most favorite dishes for Russian women. And since those small pockets of cooked dough are filled with seasoned meat Russian men love them too! They are most delicious with melted butter and our favorite... sour cream, which as believed among Russians can be very helpful for the man's strength :)

(photo - Ed Casabian - Flickr.com)

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Let's explore similarities of such a different Russian cuisine with American food favorites a little further. Have a look at “BLINI”… pancakes Russian Style!

Americans love their pancakes & so do Russians - they just make them in a slightly different way. Russian “blini” are very thin circles of batter. They can be served with the already familiar for us sour cream on a side only. Or instead of sour cream Russians like to add honey or jam on top of their “blini”, the same way Americans add maple syrup on top of their pancakes.

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