Buzz Feed News posted a funny video about a month ago, which quickly became popular!

It has been watched more than 3 million times! On this video they showed, how the Americans react seeing & trying Russian Cuisine for the first time in their life :)



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Firebird - Russian restaurant and art gallery. It doesn't look like much from outside, but inside tells a different story. The walls of two sprawling dining rooms and a smaller private room are covered in framed art for sale, mostly oil paintings by local artists. One entire wall is devoted to a fresco-style mural of a firebird, or phoenix, rising above the Kremlin in Moscow. Behind the bar is a wide selection of imported vodkas, beers and wines.

We approached the buffet and surveyed the intriguing items. Missing were labels identifying what they were, but that was no problem for Darrell. On offer were soup, puréed eggplant ("Eggplant caviar," he noted, "known as 'poor man's caviar' "), two beet salads, crab salad, meatballs in broth, stuffed peppers, braised cabbage, stuffed eggplant, battered fish, fish croquettes, chicken, sauerkraut, cured cucumber and salad Olivier, a Russian version of potato salad. Desserts included blini (delicate pancakes filled with sour cherries and whipped cream) and cream puffs ("Profiteroles," he said).

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Check these traditional dishes, which are served in the Firebird restaurant:


Rich, flavorful soup. Slow-cooked with a variety of vegetables such as beetroots, cabbage, onions, bell peppers and meat.

There are numerous recipes for Borsch, which usually is a signature dish of a Russian household.


Similar concept to ravioli, with a thinner, delicate dough and flavorful meat stuffing. Traditional Siberian dish, usually served hot with sour cream and dipping sauce.


Also known as "cabbage rolls". Stuffed with a mixture of meat, rice and spices, these slow-simmered cabbage wraps is one of Russia's most favorite food, which draws it's origin from Bulgaria


Known as "salad" this complex combination of cold-served potatoes, beets, sauce and herring has no greens in it. This is a traditional holiday dish and delicacy with rich, distinct flavor.


Thin, light pancakes, similar to French crepes. In Russian tradition they are usually stuffed with caviar, sour cream or meat. Blini is an ancient Russian recipe, commonly mentioned in fairytales as a dish of a hospitable household.