Today we want to talk one quite a unique Russian dish that has a kind of an American analog - Stooden (студень), known in America as Aspic. It is a gelled … meat broth! Russians leave cooked meat sit in a refrigerator until the broth hardens into a gel and then they take it out and eat. Jell-O is very popular in America and here you have … Meat Jell-O!

This dish is a Must-Have on a Holiday Russian Table! They like to eat it with a spicy paste made of grated horseradish, vinegar, sugar and salt with an optional addition of beetroot.

But to tell you the truth, although this dish does have it's American analog, it is still rather … exotic for Americans. Only a few would be brave enough to try it! And it's only if they could have some of real fruit Jell-O afterwards :)