Fried Potatoes are probably most familiar Russian staple foods in America. Since Americans love fried potatoes no less then Russians do. But again, they cook it differently and that is why the taste of it is different too. While Americans like their fries dry and crispy, Russians like theirs soft with a little crispy crust on.

Such potatoes can be the main dish common Russian family eat most of all. They can cook it with mushrooms, with onion, with eggs, with sausages – you name it. They can fry it on oil, or on … pig fat, called salo. Although Russian people can eat fried potatoes almost everyday, they are never tired of it and this dish can easily appear on a festive holiday table as well!

During soviet times, when there were … some problems with variety of food, potatoes were in special favor. May be this is why they even end up in an so to say “advertisement” of being hard-working for small soviet patriots made as a cartoon in childrens tv magazine “Karusel”: