Few days before Winter Holidays starts we want to introduce you to one of the most … unique Slavic dishes on a Holiday's Table: "Dressed Herring". In Russian it is originally called “Herring Under The Fur Coat”! For most non-slavic people it does taste as weird as it sounds.This dish has many layers and looks like a cake. They say that it's recipe came from jewish cuisine.

Slavic people love this dish so much that once it even won a place in the Guinness Book of Records of Russia. It was made in a Russian city Kaliningrad, where they even celebrate such a special holiday like “Day of a Herring”! It weighted 500 kilos and it's length was about 40ft! It contained 50 kilos of herrings, 158 kilos of potatoes, 98 kilos of beets, 94 kilos of carrots, 10 kilos of onions, 720 chicken eggs and 50 kilos of mayonnaise!


Here you can watch how this kind of dish is made so it can embellish your own Winter Holiday Table:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!