As all the American & Slavic winter holidays have passed, we start to long for some healthy food, which can help us to fill up our enlarged after all we've eaten during holidays stomaches and at the same time to taste good. The tasty and healthy food is what we all need right now. That is why we want to invite you to have a closer look at the Beans.

Beans contain a lot of fiber, which helps our body feel full. At the same time it helps our digestive system to work better and to lower our blood cholesterol. Plus beans are full of protein, iron and folate. As you can see, all the benefits are here.

If you need to recover from holidays' rich food and still want to enjoy a good taste please consider our new dish: Beans with mushrooms in red sauce.

And also we would like to add that … laughing can help you actually lose some weight too. Laughing for about 15 minutes a day burns up to 40 calories! So while enjoying your beans laugh with English most popular comic actor Mr. Bean and stay healthy!