Many people love noodles! They are nutritious and taste so good! Although noodle images were drawn first on the walls of Egyptian tombs, it is common to think that noodles were invented in China. To Europe noodles were brought by Marco Polo and they were served as a luxurious desert up until XVI century because they were made of durum, a special and very costly kind of wheat.

In XVII century some machines were invented for producing of noodles, which made their production less costly. First noodles factory in Russia was open in the XVIIIth century. And noodles became very popular among slavic people. They even made up a proverb: “Grow big and don't become a noodle” meaning “Be strong but not fickle.”


We invite you to our restaurant to enjoy noodles in our new dish “Noodle soup with chicken meatballs.”